java – Gradle error while building project


Gradle in Idea throws the following error.

Gradle 'week1' project refresh failed
    Error:Нет такого файла или каталога

Gradle latest version downloaded from. site (2.12). OS Ubuntu 15.10. Idea2016.1.1. I installed everything, the GRADLE_HOME variable too. how to install and prescribe looked in guides and articles.

via apt-get install gradle also installed, registered gradle home to it, but the idea wrote that the wrong directory for the gradle. (despite the fact that the gradle itself was installed normally in this way and responded normally to gradle -v and jdk saw the right one)

I also thought maybe some rights are missing, I tried to unpack the downloaded archive into the home directory – also in vain. help plz.


The problem was not with the Git as a whole, but with its integration into the Idea. In the gredl settings, the wrong one was specified in the service derectory path idea. I specified /home/den/.gradle (where den is the Ubuntu username) and it worked.

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