android – Google Play Developer policy violation what is it?


Actually, I received a letter from Google stating that my application uses permissions and asks for a link to information that the application (or) I will not use data for illegal purposes.

As a result, questions arose:

  1. Is there an example of such a message? Or could it be in free form?
  2. Where to paste the link? In the store in the application description or in the application itself?
  3. I don't have a website. Where can I post this message so that there is a link later? Recommend a service. In general, the Googlers themselves should have provided something easier.
  4. Do I need to note somewhere that I provided a link or will the robot work?


Write a privacy policy, post it somewhere. It is not necessary to have your own address, you can even open a thread of a free blog (of which there are a great many) and post it there. Paste the link into the Google developer console, in the "Data for Google Play" section at the very bottom. Everything. Or remove sensitive permission if it is not needed in the application.

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