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I have a database composed of two vectors: u=(a,b,c) and v=(1,2,3) In another spreadsheet, I have two blank vectors x and y . I need that when I complete an entry from x (coming from u ), the code will return the corresponding entry from v to x .

For example, if x = (b,c,b) , then y =(2,3,2)



Create a database eg:

A1 B1
x   1
y   2
z   3

In A1 create a list type data validation:


Go to Formulas tab, Name Manager:

new: x refers to B2

new: y refers to B3

new: z refers to B4

in B1 create List type data validation:

=Indireto(substituir(A1;"_";" ")

Okay, what you choose in A1, will be the corresponding option in B1. but not necessarily A1 must be drop-down list, just in case you guarantee that the value of A1 will match in B1.

If you are going to do this through vba will be too long.

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