git – Get remote name


In Git bash , to update the current local branch from a remote branch , we use the command:

git pull nomeDoRemote nomeDoBranch

Still in bash , when navigating to a project directory, we see something like this:

usuario MINGW64 ~/foo/bar (nomeDoBranch)

That way, it's easy to know the name of a branch to update it – with the assumption that it was created from a remote, or that it is at least published.

But how can we get the name of the remote(s) associated with the project?


Using the git remote -v command, you will see the remote repositories configured in your local project:

marcelo@marcelo-X555LF:/var/www/html/projeto$ git remote -v
origin (fetch)
origin (push)

With git ls-remote you will see the remote repositories associated with the commits:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        HEAD
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        refs/heads/dev
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        refs/heads/feature#10915
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        refs/heads/feature#12617
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        refs/heads/feature#14391
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        refs/heads/master
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