Gerrit + Gitlab


Good afternoon, I would like to know if anyone has done gerrit integration with gitlab, I've been researching and found some possible ways to know which would be more suitable, using replication mode and also something similar to gitweb. Today I have my gerrit working with my projects without a problem, but I can't view sources, open issue, have access to the wiki, etc., so I decided to use gitlab to do this midfield. What do you think? Does anyone have any recommendations. Thank you very much in advance


Yes, I believe quickly.

Install gitlab and gerrit.

1. Crie seu repositório no GITLAB.
2. git clone --mirror <url do repositorio gitlab>
3. Crie seu projeto no GERRIT.
4. git push --mirror <url do projeto no gerrit>
5. Configure o plugin de replicação do GERRIT, isso vai replicar suas alterações para o GITLAB.

NOTE: You can use GERRIT OAUTH plugin to authenticate using GITLAB and JENKINS to check BUILD status.


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