c# – Generating documentation based on comments in C # code


I need to generate documentation inside my C # project based on comments in the source. I tried Doxygen, but it generates a lot of garbage in XML (for example, it generated XML for class1 and class2, and in addition to the class_class1.xml and class_class2.xml files, it generated a bunch of all sorts of xml, xslt, xsd), but it is desirable that everything is minimum. Are there any similar tools? Or maybe you can somehow simplify Doxygen's output?


you marked the necessary files as "garbage".

but if you do n't really need them, you can simply delete them after generation.

to simplify and speed up the procedure, you can write a script that will first run doxygen , and then delete files / directories that you consider unnecessary:

doxygen doxygen.cfg
rm xml/...
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