javascript – Functions with public properties


How is it possible to use a function as an object? To be more precise, I would like to repeat the behavior of the angular $http , where it is possible to execute a request in the following ways:


$'url', data);

    method: 'get',
    url: 'url',

Note that the $http function can be either invoked directly or used as an object to get the get and post properties.


A javascript function is also an object, and as such it can have values ​​and methods assigned to it like any other object.

Angular's $http is basically that, a function with a series of other functions added to it as shortcuts to the main one, in a very simple way it would be the following:

function $http(options) {

$http.get = function(url) {
    return $http({method : 'get', url: url});

$ = function(url, data) {
    return $http({method : 'post', url: url, data: data});
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