diseño – frameworks vs. Layered Application


I would like you to solve a question that I have regarding the realization of a layered Web Application using a framework. Therefore:

Is it logical to create a layered application using a Framework? That is, use the functionality of a framework and at the same time create our data model within the framework model using layered programming: Business layer, persistence layer, DAO pattern, etc.?


When developing an application:

It is recommended to work in layers since it allows code reuse, ease of maintenance, programming using OOP, separation of responsibilities, scalability in your application, you can use a three-tier or n-tier architecture depending on the complexity of the business.

.NET Application Architecture: Designing Applications and Services

N-Tier Architecture DDD .NET 4.0

About the Frameworks if you refer to the ORM's you can use among the best known: Entity Framework, NHibernate:

With an ORM we can map our data model to our objects and class structure of our application, thus managing to solve data access and persistence without much effort and being able to focus on what really matters to us, the business domain.

Entity Framework (EF) Documentation

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