java – Formatting a currency amount from digital to string using different currencies


Good day!

Is there a ready-made solution for converting digital monetary representation into string for different currencies in Russian?

For instance:

123.4 = one hundred twenty three rubles 40 kopecks

123.4 = one hundred twenty three euros 40 euro cents

123.4 = one hundred twenty three dollars and 40 cents

123.4 = one hundred twenty-three francs and 40 sous

And also for other currencies.

I would be glad for any help!


There is a ready-made library for converting an amount into a string moneytostr-russian .




MoneyToStr moneyToStr = new MoneyToStr(MoneyToStr.Currency.RUR, MoneyToStr.Language.RUS, MoneyToStr.Pennies.NUMBER);

// сто двадцать три рубля 40 копеек
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