sql – Extension for VISUAL STUDIO that tints query keywords


Requests are in resources in the form of *.sql files, and in the place of the call there are instructions of the following form:


When hovering over a Query, the query text is highlighted, but there is no syntax highlighting.

Are there any plugins that fix this issue?

Of course, you can open files in VS browsers and everything is highlighted there, but this is not always convenient, as extra tabs multiply.


This issue has already been discussed on the English-language SO, and as an option, this extension for Visual Studio 2012 was proposed, which, by editing the manifest, you can try to start in newer versions of Visual Studio. However, the discussion agreed that this could not work correctly, since the parser is not able to determine whether a SQL string is a code or just a string and may not work correctly.

Alternatively, you can use the .sql files with the SQL code in the project (which are actually highlighted pretty well) by using them like this:

 string sql = System.IO.File.ReadAllText("путь к файлу .sql");

All answers are taken from the original English discussion .

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