javascript – Event is not tied to element


I have an event in jQuery (version 1.5) like this:

      // aqui o código irrelevante nesta pergunta     

It turns out that my #refresh_abertos element is only loaded later via ajax , and the .click() is not tied to it, how can I solve this?



By the time your code is being read, your element doesn't exist on the page, so attaching the click event doesn't happen.


As an alternative to already suggested, if you intend to attach an event click on an element that does not exist yet, you can attach it to an element that is parent , such as the body or wrapper that is present in the page on initial load of the same.

Practical example

Example in JSFiddle

In the example I used setTimeout to simulate inserting an element into the DOM a bit after reading the page.

I don't know your markup , so here's an example assuming that your #refresh_abertos element will be placed inside a div containing the #myWrapper ID:

$('#myWrapper').on("click", "#refresh_abertos", function() {

What we are doing here is attaching the click event to the div#myWrapper to be triggered when it has an effect on the #refresh_abertos element.

That way you get the click a parent element that will take effect when you click on the element that will be introduced.

The presented solution makes use of jQuery .on() available from version 1.7.

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