Erro 1114 (HY000) no MySQL: The table is full


I exported a 14GB MySQL database from a computer with Windows OS and I intend to import it into MySQL from a computer with OS Ubuntu 14.04

I used the following command to export the "data" database:

mysqldump -u root -p dados > teste.sql

After it was exported, I tried to import it into MySQL on my computer with OS Ubuntu 14.04 through:

mysql -u root -p dados < teste.sql.

After a few minutes of execution, the following error appears:

ERROR 1114 (HY000): The table "XXXXXXX" is full

How to overcome this error?


I imagine you are using InnoDB so check the disk space available for /usr which is the partition where mysql base is commonly located. If the space isn't enough to import, maybe it's better where it saves these tables.( ibdata1, ibdata2 )

Search for: innodb_data_file_path

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