ruby-on-rails – Encrypt Ruby on Rails source code?


Need to deploy a ready made system with the Ruby on Rails framework in the company of a client, the problem is that this client may not have access to the source codes.

Is there any way to "encrypt" or "compile" my code to make it unreadable for third parties?


As I said in my comments, I believe it is better to provide the service than the program itself. Even because obfuscating the code does not prevent reverse engineering processes from being carried out and makes access to the code impossible. That said, if you do opt for this solution, it is possible to obfuscate the code, "compiling" it with Ruby Encoder , for example.

Another alternative would be to make the code in another language (like C, for example) and just use the Ruby application as a "wrapper" of that code. This can still bring other advantages, such as a performance gain, for example.

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