c# – Downloading an app to the Windows Phone Store


In general, I decided to apply here, because no one else can help in this. I am creating an application for Windows Phone. I developed it on an emulator, simultaneously testing it on my personal phone. I deployed everything through Visual Studio 2013. When it came time to upload to the Windows Store, I ran into the following problem: to upload to WS, you first need to compile into a file like appx or appxbundle. The verification of certificates has passed. The problem is that when you download an application from the market, it simply does not start. It is painted at the very beginning. When launching the logo.

There are no problems in the emulator and everything is fine. And the compiled file is in trouble. How to solve the problem guys?


I just tried to install the default application in the windows store. It works. Is there a problem in compiling libraries? (I'm using a SQLite database)


In general, I solved the problem. Only in this way I did not understand what it was. The problem was that I previously created the database with the command SQliteConnections("db.db"); It was created both on the emulator and on the phone. When downloading from MarketPlace, an error occurred because of this. It couldn't create the database that way. I had to create this line:

string dbPath = Path.Combine(Windows.Storage.ApplicationData.Current.LocalFolder.Path, "db.db");
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