html – Doesn't work correctly: before in option


Hello everyone.

Making a list of countries via select => option. Added: before to option and already attached a picture to them. but it does not display correctly. In other browsers, everything is ok.

<select name="permittedLists" id="permittedLists" multiple>
   <option data-before="true" data-icon="glyphicon-bfh-flag-AF">Afghanistan</option>
   <option data-before="true" data-icon="glyphicon-bfh-flag-AL">Albania</option>

option set position: relative, a option: before position: absolute.

Please tell me how to fix it)

Link to example


First you need to set content: ""; if needed

Secondly, set it to the value of the display property, for example block

And to see it set the width, height and background or border of the pseudo element

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