Does vim have any unique features and a unique domain?


Why is it worth learning to use now? In addition to the feeling of their own power, of course. has a fairly high entry threshold, and there are plenty of more user-friendly alternatives.

Are there any platforms, applications, for which it is worth learning how to work with specifically?

More specifically, does this make sense for someone who works 90% of the time on Windows?

Attention, a specific question that can be answered unequivocally correct:
Does this editor have any unique features and a unique subject area?


I don’t know about Windows, but there is definitely a profit on linux. Editing configs is much more convenient than in nano. You can insert a file manager and it will be no worse than mc. On the server without it anywhere. Just the basic basics will be helpful anyway. In many distributions, it is out of the box.

Also, the programmer needs to learn how to work on the keyboard as much as possible, it will be faster, vim will wean you from the mouse)

In general, try it, it will definitely not be worse. But for permanent work, I would prefer emacs … It's easier to reach the IDE.

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