Does Matlab allow data export in an interactive way (real time)?


Good afternoon, I'm using matlab in order to receive data via HTML in real time to generate graphics that are constantly updated, but I still haven't found anywhere how I could export these graphics to other applications in real time (and there is this one possibility). The only information I found about it would be how to transform the graphics into external files but then they would become static. If anyone knows how to inform about it, I would be extremely grateful.


You can make a function that loops, always getting the value ( link ).

You can also create a class and add event and listener ( link ). But perhaps it is more complex than the first.

For integrations with other languages ​​that you can use on the web, check out the MATLAB Compiler and MATLAB Compiler SDK.

You can still do the opposite, embed the HTML in MATLAB and handle it by AppDesigner. See if this helps.

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