Does anyone have any information about Google no longer making ADT available for download? Have they fixed Android Studio as a tool?


If the question already exists, I'm sorry, but I made an app and published it these days. I went to create a new project, from another idea, and eclipse didn't create the activity or the layout, I thought it was out of date. Soon I updated everything in the SDK manager. Still nothing. I went to the site to download the new one, and I didn't find the ADT. Android Studio only. Does anyone have any info on this? Because I'm considering changing platforms after that, yes I know, it's past time. But I have projects under development in eclipse and not every tool migration is that simple, right.

Anyway, does anyone have any information, preferably from a reliable source about it?



I've never seen an official note and I believe there wouldn't be one from Google yet, not to scare the developers.

However, what can be noticed is traces of a possible abandonment of the continuation of ADT for Eclipse, such as:

Note: Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) is no longer supported with the latest version of ADT.

Another approach:

If you have been using Eclipse with ADT, be aware that Android Studio is now the official IDE for Android, so you should migrate to Android Studio to receive all the latest IDE updates.

These excerpts are taken from

Regarding your question, you have not passed the time to migrate your development to Android Studio, but I believe that when you start development in AndroidStudio you will see big changes, it's for the better. Because I'm using Android Studio for development, and with each passing day, I discover something even more fascinating that Eclipse doesn't have.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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