mysql – Do I have to specify the length in the function / procedure parameter type?


Do I have to include the length when specifying the parameter type of a function or stored procedure? For example, there is a stored procedure:

CREATE PROCEDURE `some_procedure`
(the_first_arg BIGINT(20), 
the_secong_arg DECIMAL(12,2), 
the_third_arg VARCHAR(10), 
the fourth_arg INT(5))

Will anything change if you rewrite it like this?

CREATE PROCEDURE `some_procedure`
(the_first_arg BIGINT, 
the_secong_arg DECIMAL, 
the_third_arg VARCHAR, 
the fourth_arg INT)


If you do not specify the length of the variable in the parameter, then the default value will be substituted. For example, if you do not specify the length for INT, then INT (11) will be automatically set.

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