unity3d – Disable Windows 10 pop-ups for touchscreen so they don't interfere with the interactive exhibition


Made a PC touchscreen application in Unity. Faced the following problem, we do not know how to disable standard gestures and system behavior, such as movement from the left or right edge of the screen to the center. From the right edge, our application is minimized and a selection of windows of running applications opens. When you move from the right edge, a quick access panel appears (found on the net what it is called CharmsBar).

I found an article on CharmsBar on the net where it is advised how to disable it by editing the registry, although the article is for Win 8 ( http://winreview.ru/kak-otklyuchit-panel-charms-bar-v-windows-8/ )

I don’t know what the name of the second function is.

It also gets in the way of notifications that can pop up and minimize a full-screen app. But for this, I sort of found how to turn it off in the parameters, I'll try.

We need to either disable all these bells and whistles through the system, or achieve in Unity that we intercept all events from the wheelbarrow and do not give them to the system. Who has similar experience?



  • Open the control panel (select display as icons) and click on the mouse icon.
  • In the mouse properties, click on the "Device Settings" tab and then on the "Settings" button.
  • Uncheck "Corner Swipes" (or something like that, original – Edge Swipes ) and click " Apply- > Ok".
  • Click "Apply-> Ok" in the properties of the mouse.
  • Scroll to Top