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Can ubuntu turn off graphics entirely? Leave only the bash console.

In general, you can ask the question like this: is it possible to install any Linux without graphics, only with the bash console? Moreover, it is highly desirable that ns-3.24 work out of the box with minimal downloading of packages. On Ubuntu it works exactly, on CentOS I am having problems.


Can ubuntu turn off graphics entirely?

yes, of course, if by "graphics" you mean a running x-server.

and it is started (usually) by the display manager , which is started as a daemon during the initialization of the operating system and runs constantly.

in your case, the role of the display manager is most likely played by the gdm program (possibly with some number at the end).

you can stop it (like other daemons ), for example, like this:

$ sudo stop gdm

You can completely remove the x-server in different ways: it itself consists of a huge number of packages, and around it there are even more of them "tied". a significant portion of all of these packages should be candidates for removal after the xserver-xorg-core package has been removed :

$ sudo apt-get remove xserver-xorg-core

Leave only bash console

you can, of course, do this, but without an operating system (only with a bootloader and two programs – linux and bash ), your wonderful computer will turn into a mountain of useless junk. an operating system is needed.

is it possible to install some kind of Linux without graphics

the linux program alone is absolutely useless. even to load it, one more program is needed – the bootloader (now almost everywhere it is – grub ). and once loaded, all linux can do is complain that "it is in a panic and cannot find the init program" ( kernel panic no init found ).

but the operating system "without graphics" is a completely working solution. as already suggested in another answer, you can download the image of the so-called. The " server edition " of the same version of the ubuntu distribution. it differs from the "desktop edition", by and large, only in a smaller number of "out-of-the-box" installed packages – there is no x-server and almost everything connected with it. and the repository is the same, so by installing / removing packages you can easily turn one edition into another already "in place".

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