javascript – Different format for viewing and returning (bootstrap-datepicker)


I have the following calendar:

Início do período:
<input type="text" id="calendarioIni" name="dataInicio">

    var dataIni = document.querySelector("#calendarioIni");
    var dataFim = document.querySelector("#calendarioFim");

    function checaVazio(){
        var botao = $("#consultar");
        var display = dataIni.val() && dataFim.val() ? "inline" : "none";

        startDate: '01/01/1998', 
        endDate: '31/12/1998', 
        onSelect: checaVazio

        startDate: '01/01/1998',
        endDate: '31/12/1998', 
        onSelect: checaVazio


I would like the user to appear in the format dd/mm/yyyy but return in the format yyyy/mm/dd or even yyyy-mm-dd , how could I perform this procedure?


You can convert the date of each field to yyyy-mm-dd format directly in PHP when receiving via $_POST using strtotime() .

$dataIni = $_POST['dataInicio'];
$dataIni = str_replace('/','-',$dataIni);
$dataIni = date('Y-m-d', strtotime($dataIni));

$dataFim = $_POST['dataFim'];
$dataFim = str_replace('/','-',$dataFim);
$dataFim = date('Y-m-d', strtotime($dataFim));

Note that before converting you need to convert the slashes / into a hyphen - because strtotime() doesn't work correctly with / . ( See documentation )

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