database – Difference between text type and varchar type in SQL Server


What is the difference of using the text type instead of the varchar type to store information in the database?

Are there any performance issues? Because I have a table in the Bank that has a text column and it gives timeout error several times.


TEXT does not have a specific size limit beyond the database maximum. It is stored in the blob area as the expectation is that it will be large.

VARCHAR can have a size limit and is stored directly in the data row (unless it crosses a limit, I think 8KB). VARCHAR(MAX) is essentially the same as TEXT

Essentially there are no major performance issues in most situations. There may be differences if you are on the blob as it is an indirection. But it can also help other things. But that's not the point.

The current recommendation is to use VARCHAR . TEXT may even be removed in future releases, according to Microsoft . You should convert this column because of this.

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