c# – Desirability of creating Point instances when setting a position


Hello! This question is about optimality.

Which of the two, when programmatically creating a control in WinForms, is it better to set the coordinates?

1) element.Location = new Point(x, y);
2) element.Location.X = x; element.Location.Y = y;

Is it advisable to initialize a Point instance (although it takes less space and looks prettier)?


2) element.Location.X = x; element.Location.Y = y;

This option is not working. In Location , you can write Point as a whole, and access to Location.X and Location.Y is read-only, because Location is a property and not a variable or field, which the studio warns about even before compilation.

The reason is quite simple – structures in .NET are value types, therefore, when accessing a property, it provides a copy of the Point value and it makes no sense to make changes to it.

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