Delphi clipped screens on Windows 8 (flashing)


How to not 'cut' Delphi Screens in Windows 8?

The system was running fine on Windows XP. I switched to Windows 8 and noticed that some screens are cut off (you can read the top and bottom). Checking the relation of components x problems, apparently they are screens with TExDBGrid.


It is the skin that has the problem. It doesn't work with Windows 8's Aero Glass , so much so that disabling the screens returns to normal (uncropped) :

Em oncreate do form:
  skcPrincipal.Active := True; //sk'C'
  skdPrincipal.Active := True; //sk'D'

From what we investigated, this skin naturally doesn't support Aero Glass (there weren't these frills, hehehehe), .: the person, on Windows 7 w7 should turn Aero off. But in Windows 8 there is no way to turn it off.

We are looking for a new skin , if anyone has a suggestion I appreciate it. The hard part of the skin is part of the visual identity of the system…

Thank you all.

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