алгоритм – Deepest Processor Architecture Books


Please advise books on processor architecture (RISC, CISC, ALU, etc.). I know this is off-topic (although this is Computer Science), but it does not allow me to easily learn programming. Everywhere it is written "in general", but I would like to analyze it in detail. Be human… Please… // The hum simply says: "The processor is executing the command in steps:

Calls the next instruction from memory and transfers it to the instruction register. Changes the position of the command counter, which then points to the next command. This happens after the current instruction has been decoded, in some cases in progress. Specifies the type of command invoked. If the command uses a word from memory, then determines where it is located. Moves a word to a CPU register. Some commands load whole groups of words and process them. Executes a command Goes to step 1 to execute the next command.". And what magic does it all do?


there are Tanennbaum's books "Computer Architecture", "Modern Operating Systems"

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