c++ – Declaring classes inside functions


Can I declare classes inside functions? How about passing objects created in this way to other functions? For example, this code is executed as intended:

#include <iostream>

template <typename T>
void foo (T x)
    std::cout << x.a;

int main() {
    struct X {
        int a = 3;
    } x;



In a similar question on the English-language StackOverflow , they answer that you can declare local classes and structures. However, before C ++ 11, they could not be used as template parameters, but you can, for example, to implement a factory (the example from this answer is correct in C ++ 03):

// В .h
class Base
    virtual ~Base() {}
    virtual void DoStuff() = 0;

Base* CreateBase( const Param& );

// В .cpp
Base* CreateBase( const Params& p )
    struct Impl: Base
        virtual void DoStuff() { ... }

    return new Impl;

Starting with C ++ 11, they can be used as template parameters, that is, with C ++ 11 your example is also correct.

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