Debugging a Qt Application in MSVC2015


Qt 5.6.1 installed with MaintenanceTool studio 2015 update 2 . The application is built in Debug, debug versions of the Qt libraries are connected (with the ending d ). The debugger shows ( Debug-Windows-Modules ) that the pdb is loaded. During step-by-step debugging, it does not go into the code of the Qt libraries (the studio writes that the .cpp file was not found and suggests further tracing in the disassembler). Is there an option for the debugger to go through the library code without downloading the sources?


You can find a detailed answer to your question in this article . In short, no, no source code.


A program database (PDB) file contains debug and project state information to enable sequential linking of a program's debug configuration.

Each time an OBJ file is generated, the C / C ++ compiler merges the debug data into VCx0.PBD. The data inserted into it includes type information, but does not include character data such as function definitions.

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