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I have a small C# application where the database was created in SQLite , initially to run only locally. But I now need it running on 2 more machines, in addition to the server. I thought of leaving a shared folder on the network and a shortcut on the other stations pointing to the folder; I know the limitations of SQLite , but the other machines will only read, they won't change anything in the database! The question is: How do I get the connection string to point to the pc that will be the server?

I've already tried to set the connection string like this: "\\ip_servidor\c$\pastaBd" but it didn't work! I've already checked the shared folder permissions, but everything is ok! But it never recognizes the BD.


You will not be able to access the remote folder directly from C# . To do this, you need to map the folder on your computer, and access it from the mapped address.

Example: Map the folder "\\ip_servidor\c$\pastaBd" to an available disk drive letter, such as "X:" . After that, in your connection string use the drive "X:\" in the location of "\\ip_servidor\c$\pastaBd" .

At first that's it, I use this solution in my work without any problem.

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