php – Currency formatting to save to database as DECIMAL


I'm using a mysql database, the field format is Decimal (7,2) and it receives the salary value. Based on what the user types, I store it in the bank like this:

str_replace(',','.', $_POST['txtSalario'])

Replacing the comma with a period. The problem is that if he types ex: 3.145.89, the database refuses because he understands that the first point is already the decimal place. How to handle this data entry to receive values ​​typed as 3145.89 or 3145.89?
I'm using PHP 5.3 and mysql 5.5


In the input field of the edit screen, it is necessary to replace the semicolon, so that when saving the function below it doesn't give an error.

On the edit screen:

$valor = $valor = str_replace('.', ',',$NumValorDeconto);

And to save I used a function to clear.

public static function moeda($get_valor) {

        $source = array('.', ',');
        $replace = array('', '.');
        $valor = str_replace($source, $replace, $get_valor); //remove os pontos e substitui a virgula pelo ponto
        return $valor; //retorna o valor formatado para gravar no banco
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