android – Creating a USA account to be able to sell applications


This question arose in light of the fact that citizens of my country can NOT sell applications on the Android Market. Someone already faced with the need to register a foreign account?

Perhaps someone registered an account not in the USA, but in Russia? How do you withdraw money?

In general, please share your experience in this matter. Thank you.


There was such a topic a couple of years ago in Russia, when it was impossible to sell with a Russian account. There were a lot of schemes tied to some American acquaintances, etc., but all these schemes frankly smell like scammers. In general, having suffered with such schemes, I spit on everything and went towards free applications with an advertising monetization scheme. Fortunately, there are a lot of them now Smaato, AdMob and so on.

In general advice – move in this direction. Do not believe the fairy tales that as soon as the opportunity to post paid applications opens up, you will immediately have manna from heaven – all this garbage. You first try to get several tens of thousands of downloads on free applications, then you can think about paid applications.

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