php – Create HTML Blocks in WordPress and call them in Post or Page


We have a real estate website where we use ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) to better manage the real estate pages.

One of the fields is the Price Table.

A condo price list is used for several pages of properties in the same condo, therefore, when there is a change in value or availability, we must change the table in all properties in this condo.

I was thinking of creating HTML BLOCKS (in this case it would be the tables) and then calling them in the pages.

For example: in the 10 pages of the TESTE project I want to call the "PRICE TABLE OF THE TESTE ENTERPRISE".

This table would be a created block (same idea as a text/html widget).

Does anyone know something already done, or have an idea of ​​how to do it?



Good afternoon Tiago,

You can use a plugin called TablePress, available at this URL ( )

With this plugin you will create the tables and then with a shortcode, you will insert the table in the posts you want. When you update a table, automatically, all posts that contain that table will be updated.

I think that's it.

Success ae.

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