Controlling an application on an android device using a TV remote control


There is an android-based device (istick or tv box) on which the application is installed, this device is connected to the TV. Is it possible to achieve that this application can be controlled with the TV remote control?

On the android site, I found examples and some information on this, but, as I understand it, this only works on TVs with Android OS. I would be grateful for any infe on this issue, thank you!


  1. Only a few percent of devices have an infrared port. In fact, you will have to buy a specific phone model for this task.
  2. Even if you have a phone with an infrared port, it may still be incompatible with your remote control if it turns out that it works in the radio range. Or if it turns out that the port works only for data transmission
  3. A more traditional solution – a bluetooth keyboard – is likely to be cheaper than buying a new smartphone.
  4. Even if you have the right hardware, you will have to write the application yourself. I was interested in this question and did not see any ready-made applications with similar functionality.
  5. Even if you succeed, it will hardly be convenient to use such a combination.
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