javascript – Checking the non-emptiness of an object property


For example, there is an object:

var obj = {
   param: {
      param2: 12 

I want to add a unit to param2 , that is, obj.param.param2++ . But you can't write this way: there may be an error, so I need to check:

if (obj && obj.param && obj.param.param2 && obj.param.param2 > 0)

How can one easily and elegantly check obj.param.param2 without checking the whole chain?

As an example, in PHP you can use the is_empty($var['param']) function. It will return true if there is any problem with $var['param'] , and it doesn't matter if it exists or is just empty.


You need to go through the properties branch one by one and create the properties that are missing along the way. I would make a method to pass the property chain as a string, and it would create whatever it needs and increment the property:

obj.plusplus('param.param2'); // obj.param.param2++

The method is something like this ( fiddle ):

var plusplus = function() {
    var args = arguments[0].split('.'), C = this, i;

    for( i = 0; i<args.length; i++) {
        if( !C.hasOwnProperty( args[i])) {
            C[ args[i]] = (i == args.length-1) ? 0 : {};

        if( i == args.length-1) {
            C[ args[i]]++;
            return C[ args[i]];
        C = C[ args[i]];
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