android – Check for null in JsonDeserializer


There is a json model

{"amount" : null}

If the value is equal to null necessary to return BigDecimal.ZERO

Wrote a deserializer:

class BigDecimalDeserializer : JsonDeserializer<BigDecimal> {
    override fun deserialize(json : JsonElement ?, typeOfT : Type ?, context : JsonDeserializationContext ?) : BigDecimal {

        if (json !!.isJsonNull) {
                return BigDecimal.ZERO

        json ?.let {

                try {
                } catch (t : NumberFormatException) {
                        return BigDecimal.ZERO


        return json ?.asBigDecimal !!

But null not caught in any condition. Tell me what the error is.


The problem is that the deserializer does not classify your json to the BigDecimal type, but most likely perceives it as a String or something else – accordingly, it does not end up in your custom deserializer.

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