Capturing screen of Android device in Gstreamer


What is available:

  1. Computer with Ubuntu + Gstreamer
  2. Android smartphone connected to computer via USB

I am trying to get the output of the contents of a smartphone screen in Gstreamer to process it further. How can this be done?

I tried to make a pipeline from androidscreencast, nothing happened.


  1. Install the free version of the DriodCam application from the Play Market on your Android device.
  2. Install and configure prerequisites on the Ubuntu side.
  3. Use the device camera in Ubuntu as a normal V4L / V4L2 device

DroidCam is not unique, there are analogs for both Android and iOS.

By the way, it is not necessary to connect the lace – via wifi and even via the Internet it can work.

If you want to do the same thing yourself as DriodCam – then everything is clear too – there are 2 parts, one for the mob. device, the other on the client (it may look like a camera driver, but not necessary), they sniff among themselves, the android program reads the camera and sends it to the client.

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