Can't publish SQL Server 2014 data-tier app


There are two databases:

  • local – (localdb) \ MSSQLLocalDB (SQL Server 12.0.2000)
  • in azure – (SQL Server 12.0.2000)

Previously, I did "Extract Data-Tier Application" from a second database and then "Publish Data-Tier Application" to Local. Everything ran without errors.

Yesterday I updated Visual Studio to the latest version and now when doing this procedure I get the error

Project targeting Microsoft Azure SQL Database version 12 as target cannot be published to SQL Server 2014

I do all the manipulations through the SQL Server Explorer in the studio.

UPD: I created both databases a long time ago, even before the updates were released, the compatibility levels must match (120)


Despite the same version, Azure SQL V12 includes some of the new features of SQL 2016. Therefore, in Visual Studio 2015 Update 2, the compatibility check between Azure SQL and SQL Server was changed to a stricter one.

If you are not using any of the new features – just turn off the compatibility check – set Allow Incompatible Platform in Advanced Publish options.

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