c# – Can't find HttpContext.Current


I'm trying to create a UrlHelper like this:

UrlHelper urlHelper = new UrlHelper(HttpContext.Current.Request.RequestContext);

I've already referred to System.Web , as I've seen it as a solution in several places.

using System.Web;

The strange thing is that this using is gray (Visual Studio 2015) which shows that it is not even using this reference.

The error is:

Error CS1061 'HttpContextBase' does not contain a definition for 'Current' and no extension method 'Current' accepting a first argument of type 'HttpContextBase' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)


From SOen :

To have a reference to HttpContext.Current you need to change the term




This is because the Controller class defines a property named HttpContext , defined as

public HttpContextBase HttpContext { get; }

HttpContext in the Controller class returns an HttpContextBase that does not have a Current property.

So you need to use the qualified namespace

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