java – Can I delete these files without anything happening?


I have an Android application that occupies me a lot and 90% of the total is due to 3 files that I don't know if they can be deleted or what would happen if I delete them.

The first one is fileSnapShots.bin, located in .gradle / 2.10 / taskArtifacts, it takes 22MB, what happens if I delete it? Can I do without it? It's very heavy…

The second and third is app-debug and app-debug-unaligned, located in app \ build \ outputs \ apk, do they both work? 9MB between the two

The third one is mockable-android-23, located in \ build \ generated, I suppose this serves to be able to run the app in android studio, but it weighs almost 23MB.

Can any of this be erased?


I answer your questions:

  • All the content of the .gradle folder within the project directory can be removed but will be created again when you build the project.

  • As for the \build folder, it contains files that are generated when compiling, you can delete the content of this folder which in turn contains \generated and \intermediates .

    If you delete this folder you will see considerably reduced space on your disk , but remember that when compiling they are generated again.

  • The files contained within the app\build\outputs\apk folder are .apk generated, one not aligned which you can align using the Zipalign tool, and the other, an aligned .apk which is a candidate to upload to the playstore but only if This was signed with your production Keystore, this is very important.
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