javascript – Call a SetInterval variable


I have variable X

X = setInterval(function() {  ...

and after a while I stopped this setInterval with the clearInterval(X)

How do I call this variable so that it continues the loop after I have "erased" it?


You cannot stop and restart a setInterval . What you can do is:

  • restart if there is no data that needs to be reused
  • simulate pause via return from within the function

First case:

Sets the function outside of setInterval and then starts/restarts:

function beeper(){
    // fazer algo

var x = setInterval(beeper, 1000);

// para parar:

// para recomeçar:
x = setInterval(beeper, 1000);

Second case

var semaforoVermelho = false;
function beeper(){
    if (semaforoVermelho) return;
    // fazer algo

setInterval(beeper, 1000);

// para pausar:
semaforoVermelho = true;

// para recomeçar:
semaforoVermelho = false;
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