CakePhp does not redirect on server Online


Good Morning!

I'm using the cakephp framework, but I have an unsolved problem so far… I have a login controller, I commented out all the login code and left only the trexo

$this->redirect( array('controller' => 'contorllername', 'action' => 'home') );

In localhost this command works normally, I can direct the url, however, when I put it on the server online I simply get a blank page and no error message.

I've already checked spaces in the Index, routes, Controller and View files, but there are no spaces before the php opening tag.


I've already uploaded a new cakePHP framework to the server to test if the problem was hidden in some of the files, but msm with the default cakephp files still didn't address.
I have already released the debug mode to print errors, but msm this way no errors are reported, neither visually nor in the error log.


After 3 days of fighting and some sleepless nights, I confess that I was already discouraged.

Today I woke up inspired to solve this problem and started searching the project for php tags that had empty spaces before or after opening/closing.

For my happiness, I found around 5 files that had this problem, after fixing these files it seems that the targeting and session are working again.

Solution: Search for php tags that were opened/closed before or after the tags

(quebra de linha ou espaço)


(quebra de linha ou espaço)

After removing these occurrences, it seems that everything is back to normal.
I had one more targeting problem, but I think this one is a little different.

Thanks to all for your help!

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