C# Windows FOrms Web Services


I would like to know if it is possible to work with web services using the application made in windows forms. It's possible ? If so, would you have any reference that can help me resolve this?


Consuming Webservices in WindowsForms Applications

To consume a webservices (assuming they are provided by the .net framework) you must follow these steps:

  • Click right in Referências (References) and then on Adicionar Referência de Serviço (Add Service Reference or Web Reference).
  • Enter the webservice address (.asmx or .svc) and click discover.
  • In this step, the window below will already be updated with the allowed methods.
  • Select the desired methods and inform the desired namespace for the service calls, ex: MeuProjeto.Integracoes.Parcerias .
  • Considering that you have been successful in the steps above, you will be able to use the webservices as internal classes of your system through the namespace you assigned in the previous step.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to point out that I will update the question with the information.

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