Build personal Redmine securely and at low cost

Question: Question:

I'm currently trying out his own Redmine on Docker on my local machine.
It's so convenient that I want to use it even when I'm on the go.

So, I tried several methods, but since I am a complete amateur, I cannot eliminate my anxieties about safety and economics. I would appreciate any advice.

Method considered

  1. Rent and build VPS and PaaS

    • Demerit

      • Operating costs are high
      • Limited (especially PaaS)
      • When using overseas Savis, I am concerned about speed etc.
    • merit

      • Is some security guaranteed? (Of course the application itself is at your own risk
  2. Built and published at home Saba

    • Since it is an au Hikari line, there are many restrictions and irregular settings must be made.
    • Therefore, it may be economically and learningally expensive.
  3. Connect with VPN without disclosing your home saba (favorite for now)

    • VPN itself is convenient because I've always wanted to take on a challenge apart from this one.
    • It has the same problem as 2, but since it is accessed by VPN, do you have to worry about the security of the application itself?

What you want

  1. Your own Redmine that can be accessed from anywhere

    • I want to use the new Redmine as much as possible
    • If possible on Docker
  2. As secure as possible

    • Because we handle private information
  3. At the lowest possible cost

    • I will spare no initial investment
    • I want to bring operating costs closer to zero
  4. Thank you for the low learning cost

    • I want it right now … > <

Our knowledge and experience

  • You can run your web application locally or on Docker for the time being .

    • eg gollum, media wiki, and other small things made by Python
    • Inexperienced in building web applications that are supposed to be published
    • Therefore, there is no knowledge about security of Web applications.
  • Almost no network-related knowledge

Answer: Answer:

No matter what the form, operating a public server requires some knowledge.

Without it, publishing a server, whether it's a VPS, cloud, or home server, wouldn't be an option.

If VPN can be realized by the function of the router, it is unlikely to be in a dangerous state unless something strange is done, so it can be said that it is a relatively good option. However, publishing a VPN is also a type of publishing a server, so be sure to fully understand the contents.

Addendum Please note that in the above, "If VPN can be realized by the function of the router " is written. Operation of a VPN server by software requires a certain amount of knowledge to ensure security, so it is far better to publish Redmine directly than to do it.

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