редактор-текста – Buffered editor like vim or emacs


I'm interested in the question – are there editors under Linux in which it is possible to split one file editing window into two, as is possible in vim or emacs, because it is very often useful to see two sources in front of you at the same time.

And I would also like to know, so as not to create a new question – why is emacs or vim better (especially in our time)? Everyone says that they are customizable beyond recognition, but what are these settings expressed in. What can be useful to extract (for a webmaster for example) from these editors, which is not available in others?

PS For myself, I have only learned how to split a window into buffers.


Of the Linux editors I know, two more can do this – QtCreator and Code::Blocks. Of course, it's rude to call an IDE an editor, but we're on a programmer's forum, editors are used here mainly for code. These two can both easily make "two (or more) view windows of one file", and split the workspace for editing multiple files.

SublimeText can also do this (it's paid, if that). But there this function is a little specific. You need to choose a way to divide the workspace in the View-> Layout menu, and after that you can drag the tabs.

By the way, IDEA also knows how to divide the workspace (menu Window->Editor Tabs).

why is emacs or vim better (especially nowadays)?

The authors of these editors at one time realized that it was difficult and not necessary to cram everything into one editor and made a flexible system of plug-ins (although this is a very controversial issue – in Emax it has its own modification of Lisp, and in Wim until recently its own language. Now you can use Python add, but not completely). In other editors, they try to cram everything in at once.

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