bower i bash: bower: command not found


It was necessary to finalize the project.
I clone to myself – git clone ...
Initializing npm – npm i
Initializing bower – bower i

And then he writes –

bash: bower: command not found

Files: package.json , bower.json , .bowerrc is. nodejs , git – latest versions.

I work in coneMu (bash: git bush).

Before that, everything worked fine, and everything starts and works fine from a laptop, but not from a computer.

I don't understand what the problem is. Maybe someone faced a similar problem. On SO they write that there is something wrong with the paths, but I don't understand what and how to fix it.


bash: bower: command not found

Shell cannot find the bower binary in the $PATH folders.

  • bower installed locally (in the project): $(npm bin)/bower
  • bower is not installed:
    This means that the dependency is missing in package.json

    • Install locally: npm i bower --save-dev
    • Install globally: npm i bower -g --save-dev
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