python – Block Django Source Code


I'm developing some projects where I'm going to use , but I'll have to host the server on the client's machine. Where it will be installed does not have internet, so I have to make the system work locally.

I need to know if somehow I can protect the source code so that when someone tries to access the server and get my files they are somehow "unreadable".

I once saw that in Asp it was possible to create a bit of a DLL from the code, in there is something similar?


Dude, if the infra is not yours or your indication, the customer is responsible.

Every *.py file you have, when compiled, it generates a *.pyc file, which is nothing more than the compiled python.

This question of someone getting your code involves much more infrastructure issues than programming itself.

These are different things: – Security of your server; – Security of your application (permissions and access).

Do not fall into the idea of ​​a program that generates a dll or hash of your code or whatever. Your code will be on the server period.

Server access will involve issues of network, security, which machines can access the server, local network, public network. There are several factors.

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