c# – Binding do Facebook SDK 3.6 para Android


In my project with Xamarin, I need to use the Facebook SDK binding for Android in version 3.6. However, I could only find the version 3.0 binding , which is outdated.

Does anyone know where I can find Facebook SDK Binding for Android in version 3.6, or how to adapt what I found to the newer SDK? Is there any other alternative?


There are some alternatives for you to use:

Alternative 1 – Use Facebook's MonoDroid-Samples

You can simply follow the steps taken by the page you referenced:

  1. Download the SDK by clicking here
  2. Extract the ZIP
  3. Go to facebook folder
  4. Run android update project -p .
  5. run ant debug
  6. Run zip -r facebook-android-sdk.zip bin/classes.jar bin/AndroidManifest.xml res
  7. Copy the facebook-android-sdk.zip file to your project's Jars folder

Alternative 2 – Use the Xamarin Store component

There are several components:

Alternative 3 – Use Facebook SDK for .NET

This project can be found here , it is open source and is recommended for use on Windows 8 and Windows Phone, as well as working on Mono/Xamarin

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