Bind Param with Array – PHP and MySQLi


I have the code:


$clientes = implode(', ', $clientes);

$busca = $mysqli->prepare("SELECT nome FROM clientes WHERE id IN (?)");
$busca->bind_param("s", $clientes);

if($busca_num_rows() > 0){

        echo $nome . "<br>";




Remembering that the $clientes variable is an array that takes the following values

2, 15, 78, 93

that is, I want to retrieve the names of the clients with the id's above.

My code even works, but it only returns a customer (the customer with id 2).

Remembering that I tried the following way and it worked:

$busca = $mysqli->prepare("SELECT nome FROM clientes WHERE id IN ($clientes)");

but I don't want to concatenate the variable inside the query.

How to proceed in this case?


There is no array bind , you need to dynamically place all the question marks, one for each item in the array:

$clientes = [2, 15, 78, 93];
$queryParameters = join(',', array_fill(0, count($clientes), '?'));
$busca = $mysqli->prepare("SELECT nome FROM clientes WHERE id IN($queryParameters)");
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