android – big size apk


I have made a project based on the XWalkView library.

In my case, it loads a certain site, but the problem is that this library weighs a lot. The bootable apk weighs under 45mb, although in fact there is nothing there.

I read on the forums that this apk can be somehow divided into two parts: one for ARM, the second for x86, something like that, in a word, for different platforms. After that, you can somehow upload it all to PlayMarket, and when the user wants to download this Play Market program, he chooses a specific apk for his platform.

Actually the question is: how to parse apk into two parts and how to actually upload them to the Play Market so that the Play Market itself chooses which apk it needs?


Google Play really chooses the right platform and resolution for the device itself, only the APK format is not used for this. It is necessary to build and sign the application in AAB format, this is a kind of package of your application files, which is subsequently processed by Google.

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