c# – Bematech MP-4200 TH awaits Printing


Good afternoon, I'm developing an application that needs to make sure that the document was printed on the bematech MP-4200 TH non-fiscal thermal printer, as the printer has a buffer even if it doesn't have paper in it, it sends the command to the printer and returns as ok, that way I have no way of knowing if it was actually printed or if it was just sent to the printer, checking the class has a function that according to the documentation makes the application wait for the printing to finish.

/// <summary>
/// Esta função segura a execução do Aplicativo, até que todo o texto enviado seja impresso.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="modo">INTEIRO modo de espera.</param>
/// <returns>INTEIRO - Indica se a função conseguiu enviar o comando para impressora.</returns>
public static extern int EsperaImpressao(int modo);

However this is not working returning that it has unbalanced the stack.


This type of error is usually linked to something known as the Calling Convention and the [DllImport] attribute has a property in which you define which mode should be used for the imported function.

When you don't specify any, C# sets by default StdCall and it shouldn't be like the dll you use was compiled, see the link above for the other values ​​you can use, the most used types are StdCall and Cdecl.

It would be something like:

[DllImport("MP2032.dll", CallingConvention=CallingConvention.Cdecl)]
public static extern int EsperaImpressao(int modo);
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